Patrick Giljum
Chief Technology Officer
In September 2020 Mr. Giljum joined Adjuvance Technologies’ management team as its Chief Technology Officer with responsibility for adjuvant system technology and manufacturing, antigen process technology and manufacturing, and analytical development. Mr. Giljum has 29 years of process development and commercial manufacturing experience, and a proven track record with clinical and commercial products, process development and optimization, technology transfer, process validation, facility design, GMP compliance, and regulatory inspections. Mr. Giljum joined Adjuvance in September 2019 as interim Chief Technology Officer. He is the Head of Operations at the management firm BioTechLogic, Inc., with responsibilities for contracted CMC support in the United States, Europe and Asia. Prior to BioTechLogic, he spent more than 12 years in small molecule and biologics development and manufacturing for Drug Substance and Drug Product with G.D. Searle, Pharmacia and Pfizer.