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Comparative preclinical evaluation of AS01 versus other Adjuvant systems in a candidate herpes zoster glycoprotein E subunit vaccine

In a preclinical model, GSK scientists report a greater immune response to GSK Shingles vaccine (Hz/su) formulations that contain QS-21.


NEJM Reports Efficacy of QS-21 Containing Herpes Zoster Subunit Vaccine

GSK reports over 97% efficacy for their QS-21 containing Shingles vaccine in a large Phase III trial enrolling a total...


Vaccine Adjuvant Systems containing monophosphoryl lipid A andQS-21 induce strong humoral and cellular immune responses against hepatitis B surface antigen which persist for at least 4 years after vaccination

Vaccine report concluding that QS-21 containing formulations of HBsAg induced high quality and persistent humoral and cellular immune responses that...


Design, synthesis, and immunologic evaluation of vaccine adjuvant conjugates based on QS-21 and tucaresol

Report detailing the synthesis and preclinical evaluation of QS-21/tucaresol analogs.


Nature Chemistry: Development of a minimal saponin vaccine adjuvant based on QS-21

Adjuvance cofounders report the design, develop and adjuvant activity of novel, truncated QS-21 analogs.


Natural and synthetic saponin adjuvant QS-21 for vaccines against cancer

Adjuvance’s co-founding scientists review the application of natural and synthetic QS-21 in cancer vaccinology.


Synthesis and Preclinical Evaluation of QS-21 Variants Leading to Simplified Vaccine Adjuvants and Mechanistic Probes

Adjuvance cofounders describe the design and preclinical adjuvant activity of novel TiterQuil adjuvants that provide insight into the mechanism of...


NEJM: First Report of RTS,S/AS01 Phase 3 results

The RTS,S Clinical Trials Partnership reports the results of Phase 3 study of the efficacy, safety, and immunogenicity of a...


Enhancing the Immunogenicity of Cancer Vaccines with QS21

Adjuvance co-founder David Gin describes the clinical use of QS-21 as an adjuvant in developing and enhancing cancer vaccines.


Preclinical Evaluation of the Synthetic Adjuvant SQS-21 and its Constituent Isomeric Saponins

Adjuvance cofounders report the preclinical evaluation of synthetic QS-21(SAPONEX).

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